How can future macro-regional relations/ collaboration within the BSR be shaped in light of the current situation in the Ukraine? Are there new methods and tools needed on macroregional, national and sub-national level considering the end of institutional cooperation with Russia (and Belarus)? How can VASAB / PA Spatial Planning respond conceptually and strategically to the changed situation in the context of spatial development? What role does the topic of safety play overall and what are the consequences of the war for the new VASAB Vision 2040?

The Russian Federation’s war of aggression on Ukraine has significant consequences for the Baltic Sea region. It results in new spatial challenges in different sectors like energy, mobility or tourism. Also, long-standing cooperation networks have been affected. Cooperation with the Russian Federation and Belarus has been suspended with immediate organizational consequences for PA ‘Spatial Planning’, that is co-coordinated by VASAB and HELCOM. The suspension encompasses also many other institutions and frameworks in the Baltic Sea Region, like EUSBSR, CBSS etc.

Stakeholder consultations for the draft VASAB Vision 2040 have only recently been completed. Due to the topicality of the war, it was challenging to consider these consequences in the draft VASAB Vision 2040 in its full range. Therefore, we would like to discuss with you in this workshop how we can take the new situation and outlook for the Baltic Sea Region appropriately into account. In addition to content-related issues, the workshop will also address organizational issues with regard to pan-Baltic cooperation.

Where: Online (Webinar) 

When: September 26

Duration: 3,5 hours

Organizers: VASAB acting as Policy Area ‚Spatial Planning‘ coordinator.

Contacts: Elīna Veidemane

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